How do you implement your water quality management strategy?

The implementation step includes:

  • determining the roles and responsibilities for all management actions (see table 2 in Bennett and Moss, 2005);
  • agreeing to institutional changes and improved governance for initiating changes to management actions, based on stakeholders’ expectations and responsibilities;
  • the establishment or reinterpretation of relevant legislation, policies, guidelines, codes of practice, licences, and permits;
    • Coastal policies/plans
    • Regional plans and strategies
    • Legislation
  • the establishment of relevant economic instruments;
  • and the implementation of agreed management actions with the established allocation of resources, funds, expertise, priorities, timeframes, milestones, performance measures and reporting requirements for the actions in the preferred strategy.

Additional resources

The Healthy Waterways Management Action Tracking Database provides a tool to assist with implementing a water quality management strategy.

Bennett, J. and Moss, A. (2005) Implementing the National Water Quality Management Strategy – Insights from Capacity Building Workshops around Australia. Paper from Riversymposium 2005