Estuarine biophysical models

Currently there is no comprehensive typology of Australian estuaries, however, the geomorphic classification presented here is a initial start and is currently the national default typology. Geomorphic conceptual models have been developed for each of the seven types of Australian estuaries and coastal waterways.

Each conceptual model comprises a three-dimensional block diagram depicting detailed summaries of the structure, evolutionary characteristics, and basic habitat distribution for each coastal waterway type. These block diagrams can be “overlain” by flow diagrams that depict some of the important biotic and abiotic processes, namely hydrology, sediment dynamics, and nutrient dynamics. The models were developed with close linkages to the Coastal Indicators module. It is intended that these conceptual models should continually evolve and be improved through ongoing testing and review by coastal managers and researchers. You can provide feedback about any aspect of the conceptual models here.