Marine network participation

The Marine and Coastal Community Network (MCCN) is a non-government, community-based organisation whose primary function is information exchange. MCCN promotes a marine and coastal awareness service through mailing regular newsletters and the sponsorship of community-based meetings and activities. The MCCN has a regional coordinator in each State and in the Northern Territory, and brings together individuals, community organisations, government agencies, industry, researchers and educators.


The size of the MCCN mailing list is a measure of public interest and support of coastal issues, and is a suggested ‘response’ indicator (Indicator 7.11) for State of the Environment reporting for Coasts and Oceans (formerly Estuaries and the Sea).

More information

More information on the use of Marine Network Participation as an indicator (e.g. monitoring design and strategies, reporting scales, outputs and data sources) can be found in the Estuaries and the Sea volume of Environmental Indicators for National State of the Environment Reporting 1.


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